Wednesday, October 15, 2008


eLKaran said...

Hi. The draws are amazing, pretty realistic and very well done. Did you drew all of them?

Aren´t you the guy that also publish a lot of pictures in THE ECONOMIST magazine?

Nice job, and very good blog.

Sacrava said...

Hi Elkaran,
Many thanks for your kind words and compliments.
I did them since I was arriving in Australia in 1980. I had spend 2 yrs to complete my 90 drawings black and White.It took almost 12 hrs per each drawing.
I was the Potical Cartoonist for 2 yrs with the Far Eastern Reviews,
in Hong Kong,1998-2000.
And again thanks for your time to visit my site.
Ung Bun Heang
Sydney,Down Under

eLKaran said...

Hi, it´s me again
Have you ever done something for comic-books? I think your style would be perfect for illustrate a good story!! Maybe about the khmer rouge era, or other themes.

By the way, I´m also an illustrator (not as good as you, I´m only 25 yo) so if you wanna check out what i do, you can see it here

Where I can see more of your work?
Thank you

See you

កុលបុត្រមហានគរខ្មែរ said...

Jumreapsour Louk Pou Bunheang,

I just have read Neak Ming´s story published in KI. I feel so touched, without any proper word to express my feeling, by the story and her words of compassion, love of the nation, peace, struggle, dignity, unity, and commitment.

You and Neak ming are really a great couple of Khmer people.

With my highest respect always!

Pang Sokheoun

Sacrava said...

Chumreap Suor Khmuy Pang Sokheoun,
Many thanks for your kind words & compliments.
We're so pleased and very proud to see a young Kaun Khnmer like you who is the real Tumpeang Snun Russey Khmer & its nation.
May Lord Buddha bless you and enlight you a great path to Free Cambodia & its People.Thanks & Thanks.
Pi Pou Bun Heang & Ming Phiny

Narin said...

Hi Sacrava,

I was one of the dead girl walking from Toul Daun Teav place on your drawing.
According to the Khmer rouge cadres, Toul Daun Teav was a grave yard for Cham people in Krahom Kar.
"We get all of you (I was in Kang Chalat)by mistake !!" they claimed.
They released us but not without a warning. Unfortunately, the words got out and they tried to get all of us back. As I recalled all of them left except myself and one of my girl friend stayed behind.....
Painful memories.....